Can you go wrong with Gouda and IPA?


September 1, 2012 by kkeerr

We had friends over last night for drinking and a board game, so I made a cheese dip that I love.  I don’t make it all that often because we eat way too much of it too quickly, but with friends over last night and college football starting today (Go Irish!) I figured it would be perfect.

I present to you the easiest beer cheese dip.

My photo editing skill leave something to be desired (and I somehow uninstalled Gimp) so here are the ingredients again:
1 lbs cream cheese
1 oz smoked Gouda
6 oz of your favorite IPA
1/2 oz fresh spinach (I like more so I got up to 3/4)
1/2 a red pepper
1 garlic clove
1 tbs (plus a little more ifin you want) deli mustard
1 tsp of Italian spices

This recipe is nearly impossible to botch. Mix those ingredients and bake until thoroughly melted.  So, if you have guests coming over as I did, throw it in the oven then do the dishes you just dirtied, vacuum, take out the trash, pick up the laundry on the bathroom floor, finish the rest of the IPA, remove from oven as your guest are walking in the door.

I did not create this recipe, I came across it last year in an issue of Grand Rapids magazine. GR mag was highlighting Founder’s Brewing Co. food and included this recipe.  I happened to have Founder’s Centennial IPA on hand the first time I tried this recipe so that’s what I use every time now – I don’t know that there is any logic behind that decision other than “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Of course, any similar beer would work.

What I was drinking: Centennial and All Day IPA (my favorite IPA from Founders)

So I’m totally counting this as baking even though it is really just mixing and heating.

9/9 Edit:  Today I was clicking around Founder’s website looking for a t-shirt to buy when I saw that they posted this recipe to their blog the day before I did.  So here is the link.  I guess gouda was on everyone’s mind.


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  1. I like this! But I’m just a blogspot blogger so I can’t officially “Like” it…

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