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September 12, 2012 by kkeerr

The “Michigan Brewery Adventure Checklist” tab is ready. I am still working on linking all the breweries to their websites or Facebook pages, but, as far as I am aware, I have all the craft breweries in operation listed.  It is an impressive list.  Austin commented the other day that we have been lucky to spend our twenties living in two states with great beer culture (Michigan and Utah – yeah Utah, check it out).  According to my list, in Michigan there are 109 different craft breweries with another 30 in various stages of planning.  Some of these will open within weeks others may never open.  Take a look at the list and let me know if you find a place that I am missing.  I am hoping I caught any duplicates, for example Corner Brewery (Ypsilanti) is the distribution center for Arbor Brewing Company (Ann Arbor) so I won’t need to visit both.
I am trying to decide which one (or more) to visit this weekend.  I will not be visiting it this weekend, but Beards Brewery in Petoskey has my favorite logo so far and from their Facebook page (if they are down with board games in the bar – I am down with them), articles, and whatnot it seems like it has an enjoyable, chill atmosphere.  Not happening this weekend, but I am geeked to make the journey to Petoskey for this one.

Speaking of beards, some dude was in complete awe of Austin’s beard at the Wine and Harvest Festival.  This guy turned around and came face to face with Austin who was standing directly behind him.  The guy looked like a kid seeing Santa Claus.  He never broke eye contact with Austin and just started grabbing for his wife explaining, no – pleading, to her that he wanted a beard like Austin’s.  She wasn’t having any of it.  The guy didn’t care about his wife’s disapproval and kept marveling.  Austin just smiled and tipped is tiny tasting cup recognizing the compliment. I’d dare say if the drinks weren’t already free he would have bought Austin one.
It is a good thing Austin’s beard is only a fraction of the size it used to be.  I don’t think the guy or his pants would have been able to handle it.

Anyway, that is all. I would love to know where you are drinking this weekend – in Michigan or elsewhere.


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