Detroit Beer Company [MiBA]

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October 6, 2012 by kkeerr

About a month or so ago Austin called me at work to find out if I could leave early on October 2nd.  I was informed that I would need to leave probably by 1:00 pm and even though he wouldn’t tell me the reason for needing to leave early I acquiesced quickly.  After hanging up with him I immediately went into (this may have been the day I moonwalked in) a friend/co-worker’s office and told her about the conversation and we started to think of what the surprise could be.  Neither of us could come up with anything that made sense – I think the idea of a pony was thrown around for a bit.  Luckily for me Austin can’t keep a secret and it only took him a few hours to divulge his plans.  Much to my delight and surprise I was told that we would be going to see Ben Folds Five (yeah bitch, FIVE!) in Detroit.  Austin explained that I only get really excited about/want 3 things; 1)Traveling 2)DSLR Camera amd 3)Ben Folds/Five.  Since we can’t afford to throw thousands around on a camera and globetrotting we were going to see Ben Folds Five.  I couldn’t have been happier – the trio that makes up Ben Folds Five hasn’t toured in like 12 years.  I was excited for their new CD to be released and I had the self-control to not listen to much of the tracks that were being slowly released early.  I wanted to be able to listen the entire CD start to finish as they intended.  There are not many CDs that come out that I want to make the time to sit and listen to while flipping through liner notes and looking at cover art anymore, but this was one. Anyway, let us fast forward to Tuesday October 2nd.

I had the car gassed up with an audio book ready and snacks packed for our journey to Detroit before Austin even got out of work.  When he got home he insisted on going to the bathroom (the nerve, right?) so I had no choice but to pace in the hallway and check for the tickets for the fifteenth time.  We finally got on the road and a few hours later we were in Detroit.  Have you been to Detroit? Every time I go I am amazed at how desolate and quiet it is.  Here is a picture of downtown Detroit from the other night – three other people on the street and plenty of available parking.

Austin and I have been in Detroit a few times since this past spring and every time it is a ghost town.  We were downtown in March on a Friday when the weather hit in the 80s and we had the streets to ourselves.  That isn’t hyperbole.  It was a little eerie, but I guess there is no fear of being jumped.  Anyway, back to our most recent trip.

After parking we headed to the Detroit Beer Company.  This would be our first time trying any of their beers so that is always exciting. Once again I apologize for the poor pictures from my cell phone.  I lack the confidence to pull out my real camera and take pictures in public spaces like bar.We weren’t in a hurry since my enthusiasm apparently made it impossible for me to accurately gauge what time we should leave the house and we were in Detroit hours before we needed to be so we grabbed a table.
I first ordered Willie’s Kilt Scotch Ale and Austin ordered the Local 1529 IPA.  I really enjoyed their scotch ale, maybe even more than Founders Brewing Co.’s Dirty Bastard.  Maybe, but it is hard to decided; I would need to try them side by side to really make that decision.  Founders’ Dirty Bastard is more malty I would say, but perhaps that is because I am drinking one as I type this.  Damns.  I need all the beers right now for a taste test.  Moving on.  Austin’s IPA was very good too; it was a nice IPA with a mild bitterness.

We order a couple of more beers with our food, I had the Dunkel Weisen-bock and Austin ordered the Detroit Dwarf.  I am not usually a dunkelweizen drinker and I probably wouldn’t have been able to drink another pint of it but I actually did enjoy it.  After my first drink I thought, “what have I done?” and looked at Austin’s pint, but after a few more sips it grew on me.
There was one problem with all of the beers, the temperature.  I’m not going to go as far as to say they were warm but they definitely weren’t cold.  It was like opening a beer that you took out of the fridge an hour ago and forgot about it.  It didn’t sully our experience but it was a little weird.

After eating and drinking we made our way a couple of blocks down to the Fillmore Theatre and hopped in line.  Austin messed up (or at least he thought he messed up) when ordering the tickets; instead of purchasing floor GA he bought balcony GA. Guess who doesn’t give a shit…this girl.  I have been to several (5 or 6) Ben Folds shows so I was actually preferred the idea of not having to fight for my territory for 3+ hours especially when immediately following the concert we had to get back in the car and drive back across the state so we could go to work the next morning.
I buzzed through the security line, leaving Austin in my dust, and got us seats in the first row of the balcony.

Of course our view was actually better than this picture, but you get the idea.  The crowd was a little confusing to me, it was like no one had actually heard the new CD.  They would start playing a song, the crowd would freak out, then the crowd would realize that they didn’t know the song and get quiet (relatively speaking).  I was excited to hear the new stuff live and I swear to god at the next Ben Folds/Five show I attend I am going to punch the first doucher that yells, “ROCK THIS BITCH!!” right in the throat as a warning to others. Ben is singing an impromptu little ditty about Robert Sledge being a rock god and you are literally trying to scream over him to get him to sing Rock this Bitch? Get the fuck out. Anyway…as we were leaving the venue Austin asked me if I wanted a tour shirt about ten times and asked me if I would regret it later.  I said no I didn’t want one and now, of course, I regret it.  Perhaps they will throw some up on their website when the tour is finished…

All and all I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday or any day for that matter; road trip, perfect fall weather, beer and Ben Folds Five.

Just the facts ma’am:
Detroit Beer Company
Location: 1529 Broadway Detroit, MI 48226
Established: 2003
Type: Brewpub
Number of Taps: 8
Austin’s Overall Experience Rating: 4 out of 5 Pint Glasses (He asked me to just use numbers or stars like a normal person. I’ve chosen to ignore him)


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