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October 8, 2012 by kkeerr

A couple of weeks ago the readers of CraftBeer.com  voted on their favorite craft beer bar and HopCat was voted #1 in the North Central Region and as the second best craft beer bar in all of America (Mekong Restaurant in RVA was voted #1) so to celebrate tonight from 6pm to mid-night they are offering $1.50 pints of Michigan brewed beers.  Yeah…$1.50…for a PINT.  So why am I not there, right? Well first, one trip to and from Grand Rapids is enough for one day. Second, that place is hopping when they aren’t essentially giving Michigan brews away I can’t image how busy they will be tonight. Third, payday isn’t until Friday.  I know – $1.50/pint how much money do I need?  Even though it is cheap (ridiculously cheap) it is still more expensive than staying home and eating the food and drinking the beer that’s in my fridge (which is at least well stocked with the latter).
To ease the pain of missing out I am baking a couple of dozen cookies and Austin and I will be doing some beer tasting.  What will we be sampling you ask?  Well here’s a sampling of our sampling (sorry).

The only one of these beers that I know I have had before is Founders Breakfast Stout and that was some time ago so cheers for new beers (sorry again).  We have been looking for Bloody Beer for a couple of weeks now and Austin called around and finally found a place.  The second beer miracle of the day.  I’ve read up on the finer point of tasting and rating beer so if all goes well I will have some thoughts to post tomorrow.


Also, it is worth noting that BeerAdvocate rated HopCat the 3rd best beer bar in the WORLD and that Founders came in second in the North Central Region of the Craftbeer.com poll.


One more thing, if you are a regular patron of Kalamazoo bars you may want to participate in the poll that Mlive.com is currently running, Favorite bar for craft beer.


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