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October 24, 2012 by kkeerr

Yikes, it has been a little while.  I have been busy and when I’m not busy I have been lazy.  It happens and since I am not currently a student I don’t really have to fight it.

Here is a run down of the brews I have tried over the past few days.  This is the first time (at least that I can remember) partaking in nearly all of these beers.

Autumn Ale – Short’s Brewing Company
You know, Short’s produces some excellent beer, – just saying. This is a nice balance of hoppy and malty goodness.  I actually liked that it was different from other fall beers in that it went for a malty, slightly fruit fall over a super spiced fall.  That was just my experience – maybe I am way off base.  Also this is one of my favorite labels.

Image Source

Kind Ale – Short’s Brewing Company
I preferred this over the Autumn Ale.  It is wet hopped (brewing using just harvested hops – not dried or pelletized) with locally grown hops.  I found the bitterness to be very mild.

Breakfast Stout – Founders Brewing Company
This is one I had tried before, but some how Austin hadn’t experienced it yet. I don’t I know anyone that likes beer that doesn’t like this beer. It’s coffee beer!  This isn’t usually a style I drink often so maybe that makes this all that more enjoyable.

Midas Touch – Dogfish Head
I haven’t had much Dogfish Head, prior to this one I can recall only having their 60 and 90 minute IPAs. This was fun, it has honey, grapes, and saffron in it, but at over $4 per 12 oz bottle I won’t be drinking it very often. It poured more like the color of champagne than beer and the grapes gave it a wine taste while the honey made it meady. I unfortunately couldn’t taste any saffron-but maybe you aren’t supposed to. Saffron is expensive so maybe they could skip the saffron and drop the price (joke)… I know a few friends that aren’t big beer drinkers that may really like this one.

Sacred Cow IPA – Arbor Brewing Company
I really liked this beer and thought it was great both in regards to its taste and its price.  This is sure to be an IPA that gets thrown into our regular rotation.  It seems to get a lot of “eh..” reviews – some of which I just can’t understand. Here is an “awesome” review it got on Untappd:

Is she kidding?  She’s kidding, right?
On a side note, I wish untappd had be better rating system – 1-5 stars in whole increments just isn’t refined enough.  I wish they did a 1-100 rating system.  I will probably never give a beer 5 stars on it  (well….Hopslam) but I would give some 90s.  Moving on…

Bloody Beer – Short’s Brewing Company

A Bloody Mary in beer form or a beer in Bloody Mary form? The following is from their website, “If you’ve got an adventurous streak when it comes to beer and like Bloody Mary cocktails, you’ll love this brew.”  That pretty much sums it up, if you are into trying to beers you will at the very least appreciate the experience of this one.  This is not a beer I could drink regularly (I also don’t drink Bloody Marys regularly either) but it was good and I am glad we finally tracked some down because it was one of the more interesting beers I’ve had.  I believe they release it every year so I may make it a tradition to have a bottle or two with each release.
The flavor description on their website was exactly how I experienced it.  First sip was the dill and horseradish, on subsequent sips I found the tomato flavors.  They suggest letting it warm up slightly to, “… appreciate the full magnitude of flavors…”  I found this helpful (accidentally) with their Nicie Spicie beer too.  I was slowly sipping a bottle in the sun a few weeks ago and I noticed that some of the flavor became more pronounced as the beer got warmer – I didn’t realize until reading about Bloody Beer the other day that this was a proper technique for experiencing some beers.  I’ve got a lot to learn about beer.

Copper Cone – Epic Brewing (Utah)
Epic is one of Utah’s newer breweries. This beer has a very high rating, depending on where you look it ranges from upper 80s to 100.  It was also unfortunately the only Utah beer that the store carried.  This is a dry hopped beer so it is pretty hoppy, which I like.  There was a slight citrusy aspect to it and I would like to try it from the tap next time we are in Utah and see how it differs.

Furniture City Stock Ale – Founders
This beer is new and limited (only distributed to West Michigan) so I had to at least give it a try. Reviews have said that it isn’t as complex as some of Founders other beers – I wouldn’t disagree with that but I did still enjoy it. It is a stock ale and has been referred to as a “ramped up brown.”  Plus how many beer are out there with the profits going to a museum?  I’d guess not many.

Wanderer – North Peak
I like my beers a little higher than 4.2abv but this was good with a fruity or citrusy end.    I have been wanting to find their Hooligan in bottles, but I haven’t had any luck and don’t expect to this season.  Oh well, there is always next fall. More label/packaging I love.

So these are the beers that I can recall.  I have fallen in love with the new(ish) store Beer and Skittles (a perfect replacement for Tiffany’s since we have been boycotting them for some time) so I am excited to keep trying new things.

I’ve been baking a lot too.  Here is a small plate I took my Grandma after a day of baking.

In here we have pumpkin cheesecake brownies (what Austin has now requested for Thanksgiving dessert since he doesn’t like pie), raspberry filled butter cookies, and apple peanut butter cookies.  I took the plate over to my Grandma’s one morning for her and my mom to snack on during the week (my mom is over there every morning for coffee).  The first day I took them my mom didn’t have any, the next morning when she got there she got her cup of coffee and asked where the cookies were and my Grandma admitted that she had eaten them all throughout the previous day.  This made me laugh, I had not giving my Grandma a huge plate full because I figured it would take her a while to eat them.  I’ve learned my lesson.
On my visit my Grandma and I also dug through some of my late Aunt’s recipes and we may have found her famous fudge recipes.  I am excited to try it because I miss my Aunt (and her fudge) dearly, but I am also nervous because everyone in the family loved her fudge and looked forward to getting it during the holidays.  Big shoes, you know.


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