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November 11, 2012 by kkeerr

It is time for an update of in-progress breweries.  I meant to get to this a couple of weeks ago but kept putting it off.  Thankfully, paigeelizabethl over at Alcohol By Volume has reminded me that my list is out of date so here we go.

The “In Progress” list as it currently stands:

Upper Penninsula Brewing Company – Marquette – UP
This one appears to be stalled or abandoned.  I can’t seem to find any information more recent that April of 2011 and the website listed for them is not valid.

Petoskey Brewing – Harbor Springs – NW
OPEN! Camping up there this summer just got better!

Brewery Terra Firma – Traverse City – NW
Construction began October 2012 – I will keep you posted.

Beggars Brewing – Traverse City – NW
Hope to open soon-ish.  They have a kickerstarter ending soon – I want that shirt!

Barking Cat Brewing Company – Otsego Wayland – SW
Location is now Wayland.  According to their Facebook page they are waiting for some face time with possible investors.  I will keep you posted.

Big Lake Brewing – Holland – SW
Still truckin’ apparently.

Brown Iron Brewery – Shelby Twp – SW
There is a lack of information on this one…

Elk Brewing – Grand Rapids – SW
It appears that they wanted to start construction last summer but that didn’t happen.  Facebook is updated sporadically so hopefully new information will be available soon.

Fish Hook Brewing Co – Muskegon – SW
No info.

Grand Rapids Brewing Company – Grand Rapids – SW
OPENING (reopening…) Dec. 5th!

Kraftbrau – Kalamazoo – SW
Rumblings for a few years now that the Kraftbrau is coming back, unfortunately there doesn’t appearing to be any new info.  Let’s not hold our breathe.

Latitude 42 – Portage – SW
Yikes, I don’t even know how I found information on this one the first time.  Maybe I just made it up. Unlikely to open.

Muskegon Brewing and Distillation – Muskegon – SW
No info. 😦

Old Mill Brewpub and Grill – Plainwell – SW
Open as a restaurant now.  They hope to start brewing in 2013.

Rockford Brewing Company – Rockford – SW
OPENING Dec. 2012

Sunset Blvd. Brewing Co – Kalamazoo – SW, Closed may be reopening
So here is what appears to be the deal…They were open, they had issues or safety concerns about the neighborhood they were located in, decided to post on their Facebook about how the neighborhood wasn’t good and that they were closing so that they could move to a better one (they may have posted crime stats too – of course these posts are gone now), this in turn pissed off the locals (many had bought groupons that now can’t be used so this pissed off the locals even more), they say they are planning to reopen, but who knows.  Good luck to them if they try to reopen, they pissed off/offended many people.  There are too many other breweries in West Michigan actively participating in their community to support one that doesn’t.  Of course, this is like my opinion, man.

Two Fisted Brewing Co – Jenison – SW
In September they posted this on their Facebook wall, ” It’s still on the books. We have not given up it’s just been put on hold until the finances can be had to do it right. We wont do it half way just to get it open.”  I guess we will see if this happens.

Unruly Brewing Co – Muskegon – SW
Back in September they secured a building in downtown Muskegon, but not much has been posted since.

Brewery Becker – Brighton – SE
Last May they mentioned they were restoring a building for their location – little to no information since.

Carrsbrewery LLC – Ypsilanti – SE
No info.

Chelsea Alehouse – Chelsea – SE
They are hiring so they must be OPENING soon!

Cotton Brewing Company – Adrian – SE
It seems as though these guys have been active in Adrian but are not open yet.

Falling Down Beer Company – Warren – SE
They are hiring and posting construction pictures to their Facebook page.  Hopefully, they will be up and running soon.

Griffin Claw Brewing Company – Birmingham – SE
They are planning for a Spring 2013 opening.

51 North Brewing Company – Lake Orion – SE
They are making some test batches…

Old Detroit Brewing Company – Bloomfield Hills – SE
No Updates or information in general

Old Town Brewing Co. – Northville – SE
This is apparently another one I may have just made up.  No info…

Pyramid Group – Troy – SE
I can’t seem to find any information other than that they are Brewery Association members.

TG Enterprises – Lake Orion – SE
This doesn’t belong here. Sorry.

Western House Brewery – Brighton – SE
I believe this is actually the same thing as the Brewery Becker so it will be removed.

Added to the list:
Malty Dog Brewery – Southfield – Currently closed, may reopen in another location.

Our Brewing Co.  in Holland which is opening this month, actually this Friday!

So, I am moving Our Brewing Company and Petoskey Brewing to their respective currently open list. That’s some exciting stuff.  I will check back on the remaining breweries after the first of the year if I haven’t heard anything before then.

Also, Mark Sellars (BarFly Ventures) of HopCat fame is opening HopCat (East Lansing) and Lansing Brewing Company (This place originally closed during prohibition.) in 2013 so I will be adding them to the “In Progress” list.

If you know of something in the works that I have missed feel free to let me know.


One thought on “Progress Update

  1. kkeerr says:

    Yikes, I’ve some how managed to leave Mitten Brewing off these lists. They opened a couple of weeks ago in Grand Rapids so I will get them in the list soon.

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