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November 15, 2012 by kkeerr

As Halloween fades away as the grand community holiday that I remember from my “younger years” (it seems that people don’t decorate like they used to and more and more kids are taken to “trunk or treat” events or downtown business for trick or treating) Thanksgiving is in the running to take its places as my favorite holiday.  You get all the hub-bub of a major holiday but it is a bit more laid back.  What am I saying? Every holiday with my family is laid back.  Dick and fart jokes, anyone?  Anyway, it is a week away and I am making progress on my to-do, -make, and -buy lists.  I am the only veghead in my family and while my mom would be happy eating at a Chinese buffet or Taco Bell on Thanksgiving I insist we eat what most would consider traditional Thanksgiving food.  Recently, I think it was the NYTimes, published a little article on vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving dishes and they suggested pizza.  Sure it was a pizza with some seasonal flavors, but really pizza?  On Thanksgiving?  No, no thank you.  I will have my “turkey” (it is a mycoprotein loaf tube thing that looks nothing and tastes nothing like turkey.  I actually don’t remember what turkey tastes like so I am taking Austin’s word on that) and then all the sides like mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, green bean casserole (some of them slightly tweaked to exclude things like meat stocks and what not) just like the rest of you people. But let’s get to the good stuff…dessert!
Yesterday I found out I only have to work Monday and Tuesday next week so that means I will get to spend all day Wednesday prepping and BAKING! It has been a while since I’ve baked anything (I made some sugar cookies on election day though) and I’m ready.  Almost.

Deciding what to make is a challenge.  Austin doesn’t like pies so he has requested pumpkin cheese cake brownies.  Easy enough, but what about the pies.  There will of course be some sort of pumpkin pie – probably a no-baking required turtle pumpkin pie, or maybe a very traditional one, or maybe a chocolate one.  I clearly haven’t decided.  I also wanted to try to make a pecan pie for the first time, but again which recipe do I make?  I am thinking since I have never made a pecan pie before sticking with something basic is the best method.  Maybe I will use this recipe from Martha…  The one pie I know I will make for sure is a rum raisin because it is the only pie that really seemed to piqué Austin’s interest when I was looking for recipes.  I probably could have added the word rum to any of the pie’s titles and he would have perked up and said, “oh that could be good.”

So, that’s three pies and a pan of brownies for, I am a bit embarrassed to say… four people.  Well, we could say 5 because my grandma will be delivered a slice or two of each the next day.  And no, I am not an ungrateful, unloving granddaughter who refuses to invite her grandmother to Thanksgiving dinner.  Quite the opposite; I invite my grandma, she politely declines (she’s in her mid 80s would rather stay at home, I’m only in my 20s and I totally get that), I respect her wishes, we have a little visit and coffee in the Turkey day a.m., and then on Friday I take her leftovers and we visit again.

Anyway, four desserts for four people.   That ratio of food to mouths looks good, right?  It is maybe a little dangerous to try new pie recipes on a holiday with family but the great thing is each of these pie can be made a day (or in the case of the rum raisin – two days) in advance.  This will be very helpful as I am attempting to cook a turkey (the real thing, not a fungus loaf) for the first time.  Yeah, the vegetarian of the family is in charge of the turkey – not the former executive chef.  I guess I’ll just… wing it.  Eh?  Get it?

If you have a suggestion/recommendation on a pie I should make I would love to hear it and try it.

One last thing. I wanted to find a seasonal picture to add to this post.  I found this instead:

I laughed way harder than I should have at this.


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