KBE: Take 2

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November 20, 2012 by kkeerr

I have been wanting to go back to the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange since being disappointed a couple of months ago when we visited outside of the market hours. On Saturday, Shorts Brewing Company was doing a tap takeover with 28 beers on tap so we called up some friends and seized the opportunity to have so much potentially cheap craft beer at our disposal. During our last visit we learned that the market doesn’t start until 6pm so we made arrangements to meet there at 7…I was not prepared for the mass of people that would have the same plans for their Saturday. I overheard a woman sitting at the bar say when she got there at five to six she was told there was already a 2.5 hours wait for a table. We didn’t bother putting our name in for a table and instead sipped our first beer (or two?) under the stairs in the standing room only lower level. Eventually a stomach-high slab opened up and we quickly slide into position.


Soon after we discovered the full menu was available downstairs so we ordered some apps and went to the bar for more beer. Together Austin and I tried 6 Shorts that we had never had before.
Funkin Punkin
Captain Fantasy
Peaches n crème
Son of Samurai
Kick Back
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
There wasn’t bad one in the bunch. However, Peaches n créme was almost too much; it was good and tasted like candy but it is difficult for me to drink a whole glass of candy.
The best part of this tap takeover is that we didn’t pay more than $3 for any of these, or at least the ones I picked (first 3 in the list). Quality beer at discount prices makes for a good night. As does darts, giant fiberglass santas, and giraffes in trees


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