Founders Brewing Company [MiBA]

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December 4, 2012 by kkeerr

It has been years since I last visited Founders and it was a place that Austin had never been to so we stopped in for beer and food before last Friday’s hockey game in Grand Rapids.  On a Friday evening it was, of course, busy.  However, we were able to order our food and find some chairs at a counter against a wall without a wait (we got lucky with parking too).  This was my first time ordering food and while it was good I thought it was a bit over priced.   $8 for a standard veggie sammie (lettuce, tomato, onion, spinach, avocado) with no side seems a little on the high-end for what I’m willing to pay – at least give me some fries or chips or a snazzy version of a veggie sandwich.  My sandwich was okay, nothing special.  Next time I would probably just get beer or drinks and apps.

The beers on the other hand were less expensive than I thought they might be considering Founders is some quality stuff.  The most we paid for a was $6 and that was for the limited edition 15th anniversary Bolt Cutter barleywine.  I was expecting to pay more for that one. Together we shared the 15th Anniversary Bolt Cutter, All Day IPA (one of Austin’s favorite IPAs), Ruby Crystal Ale, and Cascade Victory Brown.
The Bolt Cutter is named one of the Top 25 beers of 2012 by Draft Mag.  The people over at Draft weren’t kidding when they said Founders ” masterfully masked” the 15% ABV.  I knew going in that it was 15% but if I hadn’t known I would have never been able to guess.  Ruby Crystal Ale and Cascade Victory Brown were also new to us and we were pleased with both – I preferred the brown.

We didn’t stay long as we had a hockey game to get to but we did make time to swing through the store. They had some good stuff for decent prices, I may have to swing back by there before the holidays.

Just the facts ma’am:
Founders Brewing Company 
Location: 235 Grandville Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Established: 1997
Type: Microbrewery
Number of Taps: 15ish?? Maybe.  I forgot to pay attention or ask.
Austin’s Overall Experience Rating: 5 out of 5 Pint Glasses
Beer Rating: 15th Anniversary Bolt Cutter: 98/100
All Day IPA: 96/100
Ruby Crystal Ale: 87/100
Cascade Victory Brown: 89/100


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