The three Bs


December 24, 2012 by kkeerr

The last few days around our house have been spent partaking in the three Bs; baking, beer, and board-games.  Most of the time this is what our kitchen looked like….
or this…
I cut down my baking list significantly making it possible for more games and general lazying about.  I ended up baking traditional sugar cookies with almond icing, molasses cookies (Easiest soft molasses cookies ever – I even ran out of molasses and substituted brown sugar for the rest and they turned out great), apple peanut butter cookies (These were requested by Austin.  I just think they are “eh, whatever” but he really likes them.), chocolate fudge (ran out of evaporated milk for the peanut butter fudge – oops), and peanut butter chocolate biscotta.

Part of the baked goods and the biscotti has yet to be dipped.

Part of the baked goods and the biscotti has yet to be dipped.

This was my first attempt at biscotti and it turned out really well.  I feared that I mucked it up when I took the “loaves” out of the oven to cool and I looked over and saw the peanut butter chips I was supposed to have folded into the batter.  I ended up just melting them and dipping each biscotti in that and chocolate (instead of just chocolate) and it worked perfectly and they look nice.
My dad’s sugar-free eggnog also turned out way better than I expected.  I used this recipe from (Unfortunately, many recipes on that site require a monthly membership.
There is too much free info out there for me to pay $5/month).  I thought I might have to try two or three recipes to find something that was drink able and reminiscent of eggnog but this one did the trick.  The only made slight changes when I doubled this recipes.  First, I left out the rum extract – only because I don’t know how my dad feels about it and it would be easy enough from him to add to his taste.  The only other thing was I only used 4 packets of Splenda for a double recipe.  Again, I figured this was something he could add more of if he wanted, but I don’t believe he will.
While I baked we enjoyed some seasonal local beers.  We had Bells Winter White and Bells Christmas Ale.  Both were fine beers.  The Christmas Ale was a little malty, but not at malty as I would expect from a scotch ale and the Winter White was slightly cirtrusy. Neither were overly (or noticeably) holiday spiced.
So the baking is done and delivered, the presents are wrapped and under the tree, and all that is left to do is to eat, drink, and be merry.
Happy Christmas Eve!


2 thoughts on “The three Bs

  1. Big Beard says:

    I really like the Bell’s Winter White. I refuse to buy Blue Moon for my restaurant because I think it is awful so when I can get Winter White in I recommend that and people really seem to enjoy it. People who are hard core about the Blue Moon are hard to talk into another style of beer. Go Bells for making a great white.

    • kkeerr says:

      This season is my first time trying Winter White and I really liked it. I rarely drink Blue Moon, I didn’t realize they had such loyal followers – thanks for spreading the love of Bells.

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