Progress Update #2


February 17, 2013 by kkeerr

I did this back in November, but with as much as things change I thought I should give it another go.  I also want to remove some that have seem to have stalled completely to keep this list as accurate as possible.

From the Coming Soon or In Progress breweries list: 

Upper Peninsula Brewing Company – Marquette – UP No change since 11/2012 update – This one appears to be stalled or abandoned.  I can’t seem to find any information more recent that April of 2011 and the website listed for them is not valid.

Brewery Terra Firma – Traverse City – NW
No change since 11/2012 update – Construction began October 2012

Beggars Brewing – Traverse City – NW
Things are happening.  Last week they posted this video of their newly delivered equipment. 

Barking Cat Brewing Company – Otsego – SW Not happening, unfortunately this one will have to come off the list.  This was posted on their facebook page in January…

It is with quite some sadness – but no regrets that I make this thing official: I’ve gone as far as I can with Barking Cat.Money, lack of investment opportunities; difficulty in finding a location – one that would ‘fit’ a brewing system, ceiling heights, location, costs for renovation; fears as a couple regarding ‘putting skin in the game’, namely putting our house on the line; spending money on lawyer fees, projections, tapping into personal money that is no longer there: these things and a bit more has led me to make this call.Just cannot do it alone anymore.In short time: I will be shutting down the Barking Cat website; I will draw out the money that has been sitting in PayPal and give it to the SPCA of Kalamazoo – I will make sure I take a picture, show the check presentation on this Facebook site; I will make sure those that sent in $250 to the promotion that they get their glasses mailed also.  In short, will wrap things up, what there is to wrap up I guess – besides drinking all the ‘samples’ I made for ‘investors’. Ah, their loss, my gain, as the Scottish Ale, the 90-90 is awesome. …

Big Lake Brewing – Holland – SW
No change since 11/2012 update – A handful of article from last summer say something is in the works.

Brown Iron Brewery – Shelby Twp – SW No change since 11/2012 update, there is still an overall lack of info.

Elk Brewing – Grand Rapids – SW

Fish Hook Brewing Co – Muskegon – SW No info in general on this one.

HopCat – East Lansing – SW
Coming late summer 2013

Kraftbrau – Kalamazoo – SW The most updated info I can find is from 2009.  It is coming off the list – if they manage to reopen in Kalamazoo I’ll know about it.

Lansing Brewing Company – Lansing – SW
Coming summer 2013

Latitude 42 – Portage – SW
A quick name-drop on this Pure Michigan page is about all I can find.  It will stay on the list, for now.

Muskegon Brewing and Distillation – Muskegon – SW No info, just one terrible facebook page.

Old Mill Brewpub and Grill – Plainwell – SW
Still set to start brewing this summer.

Rockford Brewing Company – Rockford – SW
OPENED! 12/20/12

Sunset Blvd. Brewing Co – Kalamazoo – SW Closed.

Two Fisted Brewing Co – Jenison – SW
Still stalled – no updates since 09/2012

Unruly Brewing Co – Muskegon – SW
Not much new info

Brewery Becker – Brighton – SE
This didn’t open in the fall of 2012 like they intended, let’s wait a little longer and see what happens.

Carrsbrewery LLC – Ypsilanti – SE planned since at least 2009 – it’s coming off the list

Chelsea Alehouse – Chelsea – SE
OPENED! Dec. 2012

Cotton Brewing Company – Adrian – SE
Still fund raising

Falling Down Beer Company – Warren – SE
They are brewing and have had member pre-opening events so it should be open soon.

Griffin Claw Brewing Company – Birmingham – SE
Scheduled to open March 2013

51 North Brewing Company – Lake Orion – SE

Malty Dog Brewery – Southfield – SE
As of November they were looking into moving to downtown Detroit

Old Detroit Brewing Company – Bloomfield Hills – SE It will come off the list for the time being, I can’t find any current info on this.

Old Town Brewing Co. – Northville – SE No info.

Pyramid Group – Troy – SE – No info

Now to the breweries I need to add to the lists:

Biggdogg Brewery – Kalamazoo – SW
Set to open in downtown Kalamazoo later this year.

57 Brew – Greenville – SW
Opened in late 2012

Osgood Brewing – Grandville – SW
According to one of their tweets they will be opening this summer.

DirtBag Brewing – Gobles – SW
Plan to open Spring 2014

Bifferhous Brewing Company – Jackson – SE
They have mugs going out to club members and hope to open this month

Rupert’s Brew House – Kalamazoo – SW
Not a lot of info out there but apparently they plan to open where the Strutt used to be. Here is an Mlive article.

Tapistry Brewing Co. – Bridgman – SW
construction of their building is underway

Constantine Brewing Co. – Constantine – SW
Construction is underway, hope to open fall 2013

Also, Kissell will be removed from the Southwest list as they have closed and I didn’t have Harper’s in East Lansing on the SW list so that have been added. And, Sherwood has been moved from the SW to SE list where is rightfully belongs.

If you have intel on any breweries in the works or know of one I have missed leave me a comment.


2 thoughts on “Progress Update #2

  1. Big Lake Brewing in Holland, MI will be opening July 5th, 2013!!

    • kkeerr says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the info., I had no idea about this one opening so soon. I will get you folks updated on the list today. This is going to make my visit to Holland that much better! Dig the logo, btw.

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